Renewable Energy in Asia through Sun and Wind

Gobitec Map plus gridGobi, a desert in Northeast Asia, offers an enormous potential of renewable energy, but this potential is still not used. Since 2009, the idea exists to transfer the concept of Desertec, where renewable energy in the MENA region is produced through solar- and wind energy, to the Gobi desert in Mongolia and China.

Renewable energy will be produced through photovoltaic, concentrated solar power and wind farms and transported after woods, through a wide electricity grid, to energy centers in Northeast Asia.

For years now, different organizations developing concepts together, to realize the vision of a Asian Super Grid, to create a better and healthier future in the whole Northeast Asian region. read more…

 One possible course of the ASG/Gobitec as proposed in a study about Gobitec in 2014 (The marked area illustrate not the exact area of the Gobi desert)